6 Landscape Lighting Techniques

When designing your landscape lighting for your home or business, it is important to understand the landscape lighting techniques. The correct lighting techniques will help highlight your homes features and helps create the drama in your yard. When low voltage lighting is correctly designed it can achieve home safety, security, home accents, curb appeal and show off character.

There are six types of lighting that you need to understand in order to properly install your landscape lighting. They are up lighting, down lighting, path lighting, specialty lighting, accent lighting, and moonlighting.


Up Lighting

Up lighting

Landscape lighting fixtures are placed at the ground level and the light is aimed at the upward focal points in the landscape such as plants, trees, signs and home architectural qualities. This lighting effect offers a greater contrast to the building for a bold lighting result.


Down Lighting

Down lighting

The down lighting technique is very similar to the up lighting effect. Place a fixture on a high point of a tree or home to cast the light down on the focal point such as pergola, structure, trees pathway or plants. If you want to illuminate a larger area place the light higher so it has a sizable reach on your yard.


Path Lighting

Path lighting

Placing lighting fixtures along a pathway, patio, or driveway to safely lead a person from one location to another creates path lighting. Path lights are located generally low to the ground to cast the light on the pathway. It is important that you place these fixtures far enough away from the pathway, driveway or patio to prevent people from kicking or moving.


Specialty Lighting (Pools, Structures)

Specialty Lighting

The purposes of these types of lights are to set a particular mood or create an environment. Some examples of these types of lights include string lights, pergola accent lighting, pool lights that accent a waterfall or rock structure.


Accent Lighting


Most lights that are drawing special attention to a feature are considered a type of accent lighting. The best types of accent lighting uses narrow fixed beams or spotlights to illuminate garden features such as plants, statues and outdoor structures.


Moon Lighting


Create moonlighting by placing large fixtures high up into trees and point them towards the pathway creating attractive lighting patterns on the ground similar to moon light. This effect creates very natural lighting that is perfect for pathways, planting beds and driveways.

  1. Yes, I agree lighting effect create a greater contrast of any building, Pools, tree, pathway & gardening……I am impressed with the waterfall rock structure with the great lightning.

  2. Nice Landscape Lighting Techniques. Thanks for share.

  3. This is perfect, how much did you spent for this kind of setup?

  4. I really appreciate you sharing such wonderful landscape techniques. Favourite of mine would be Moonlighting. I think it’s amazing.

  5. Becareful of the glare though especially for up lighting. Needs to angled them properly so there will be no direct light into our eyes.

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  7. It is interesting for me to learn a little bit about landscaping tips. I think that it is important to learn how to use lighting to make your landscape pop. I really like seeing different uses of lighting in yards.

  8. Thank you for the help. My wife and I are planning on focusing more time on our landscaping this year. I love the look of a lit pathway through the yard. I like how it sections off the yard so smoothly. Would you recommend using solar powered lights?

  9. In creating a landscape in your home, hiring a professional and trustworthy landscaper is very important. Who to hire usually depends on several factors such as budget, project size, timeline and complexity of the budget.

  10. I love the path lighting. I wish more people would incorporate them into their outdoor spaces as they are relatively inexpensive.

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  12. I have really seen some landscape lighting that transforms the whole landscape. I think it can benefit the yard and home in so many ways like you mentioned. I didn’t realize that up lighting trees was better than illuminating the ground, so thanks for the tips.

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