5 Fresh Autumn Landscaping Tips


1. A great way to add more color to your yard is to plant colorful trees. Some of the most popular trees are honey locust, butternut, birch, beech, ash ginkgo, sugar maples, and the red bud tree. Planting any of these trees in your yard will add the color you desire, and will give your house great curb appeal.

2. Grasses are excellent for planting in fall they make a great addition to your yard and the best thing is they are maintenance free. They even come in a huge variety of colors and can be dwarf or regular size grasses.

3. Mulch is a great way to add texture and color to your fall landscape. Around 1 inch of mulch can give you some added protection to your plants.

4. Pansies can give your yard a brightness that’s just pops in the winter, and the color of the pansies will be bright even under snow and will be ready for the spring months.

5. A good fall fertilizing will strengthen your lawn the most and give your lawn the color you want.

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