5 Fresh Autumn Landscaping Tips


1. A great way to add more color to your yard is to plant colorful trees. Some of the most popular trees are honey locust, butternut, birch, beech, ash ginkgo, sugar maples, and the red bud tree. Planting any of these trees in your yard will add the color you desire, and will give your house great curb appeal.

2. Grasses are excellent for planting in fall they make a great addition to your yard and the best thing is they are maintenance free. They even come in a huge variety of colors and can be dwarf or regular size grasses.

3. Mulch is a great way to add texture and color to your fall landscape. Around 1 inch of mulch can give you some added protection to your plants.

4. Pansies can give your yard a brightness that’s just pops in the winter, and the color of the pansies will be bright even under snow and will be ready for the spring months.

5. A good fall fertilizing will strengthen your lawn the most and give your lawn the color you want.

  1. Great tips! I love the beautiful colors of fall in a nicely maintained yard. Keep putting out awesome content and thanks for your contribution to your fans. What are some of your favorite fall grasses? I would love to implement that into my gardening strategy this year.

    • You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

  2. Not everywhere in the world gets too enjoy the color of fall leaves. We have 7 big trees, all of them different species, that look marvelous during autumn. Even though having a lot of trees means lots of raking leaves, I love the color they bring!

  3. They are some awesome tips for landscaping.

  4. Great article, to the point with no fluff. I’m going to get fertilizing next fall, will let you know how the lawn looks.

  5. I think autumn is the most beautiful season! Seeing the bright colors pop up around the landscape is amazing

  6. Looks cool! Thanks for those great landscape tips!The color is amazing and pleasing to the eyes.

  7. I love switching my landscaping up a little during the Fall! With the changing colors, it’s a great opportunity to do so!

  8. Informative article.. Short yet useful.. I liked it.. People will take lots of help with your landscaping tips. Thanks for sharing..

  9. Thanks for sharing informative article. very helpful.. keep sharing

  10. It looks like Japanese maples in the picture. They go through an amazing colour transformation through Autumn. We have a few in our garden and their leaves are just starting to turn red now.

  11. I like the fact that you mentioned how mulch can add worthy visual appeal to a garden. I don’t think there is any doubt that most people use mulch purely for its weed stopping, or water retention, properties with not enough time spent choosing a mulch that visually suits the garden style they have adopted.

  12. I love the picture of a colorful landscape design, no matter the season or weather. Planting pansies would look good right next to my walkway. I also would like to try adding more mulch for a cleaner design. I will have to call a landscaper to do everything I’m imagining in my head, but I can assure you it will be the bomb. Thanks for the tips!

  13. It’s a great piece of Landscaping Tips. I am glad to find this helpful Landscaping Tips. stay with us. Thanks for Sharing

  14. Another benefit of mulch, other than adding colour and texture like you have mentioned, is that it is great at preventing the growth of weeds. A quick and useful article, well done!

  15. To go along with your first tip, I love Japanese Maples. It has a very rich, red color. I have quite a few of them in my own yard. In my opinion, trees do very well to add color to yards. On top of that, they create great shade.

  16. Sugar maples definitely add color and look nice too.

  17. I hadn’t thought about adding mulch to my landscape. I will make sure to ask my landscaping services about this, it might help it look better. Thank you for posting this, it was very helpful.

  18. I liked when you talked about how using the right fertilizer can give your lawn the color you want. It makes sense that looking not this and educating yourself can help you provide your yard with the are it needs. I would want to make sure I consult with a professional to get extra advice and know how and when it is best to mow and fertilize it.

  19. It was amazing how you said that if I want my lawn to be strong and give the color that I want, then it’s best to choose a good fertilizer on the soil. That’s probably the reason why my parents were so firm on the idea that I should choose high-quality soil for the plants in my landscape lawn. I’ll do that, but I’ll call a professional landscaper to do the job for me so I don’t waste money in the process. Thanks a lot!

  20. In creating a landscape in your home, hiring a professional and trustworthy landscaper is very important. Who to hire usually depends on several factors such as budget, project size, timeline and complexity of the budget.

  21. I think that the most important thing you said here was about how you should look to use fertilizer to strengthen your lawn. Being a new homeowner, I want to become an expert and prove to my neighbors that I can take care of my yard. Thanks again for the help, and I will make sure to call some local landscaping services to get some extra help for this project.

  22. I really have read about the supplemental benefits of ginkgo trees but I did not realize that they would add color to my yard. My neighbors and I are in a competition for best yard. Since I work a lot I won’t have time to plant a ginkgo tree so I need a landscaping service.

  23. Thanks for the awesome landscaping tips, actually my home outdoor area is already well maintained but still, I want to remodel it by installing the landscape. Thanks for sharing these awesome landscaping tips, that helps me a lot in designing a fully functional landscape structure.

  24. My mom wants to remodel our yard because she wants it to look fresh. It was explained here that a good fertilizing will help make the lawn healthy. Moreover, it’s highly recommended to hire professionals for the landscape project.

  25. My mom wants our yard to look great and alive because it looks a bit dry. It was discussed here hat a good fertilizing will strengthen the lawn and give the color that we want. Furthermore, it’s highly recommended to hire professionals for landscaping.

  26. I want to improve my home’s landscaping soon. It is good to know that adding mulch can add a good amount of texture to my yard. It might be smart for me to talk to a professional about that.

  27. I really appreciate your tip to try and add one inch of mulch to your yard so you can give your yard some texture. My wife and I have been thinking of getting a new house with a very big yard, and we want our yard to be a focal point if we ever sell the house. In order to do this, I will be sure to add some mulch to our house!

  28. I loved it when you said that by adding at least 1 inch of mulch, the lawn will have an additional texture and protection to the plants for the winter season. I will mention this to my mom since she said she wants to prevent what happened last winter to the lawn to happen again. Part of the lawn died, while the rest looked dry. Though I think it will be best to hire a professional to maintain the landscape for us just to be sure since the lawn hasn’t fully recovered yet since then anyway.

  29. Seeing as it’s a bit more into winter than fall, I do think that I should be able to do some of these tips. Now of the ones you said here, I think that I would be able to get some new grass in since there are quite a few spots in my yard that need attention. I’ll probably have to see about getting someone to come and do it for me, however.

  30. Thanks for the information

  31. My yard is needing some love. Thank you for these landscaping tips. I’ll have to keep them in mind as I search for the best landscaping company in my area.

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