A Few Hardscape Ideas for Cincinnati Ohio

hardscape design

What is hardscape? The definition of hardscape is “the nonliving or man-made fixtures of a planned outdoor area”. So in a sense, hardscape is anything manmade such as walls, patios, landscape beds and other landscape features. Hardscape is very important for landscapes today becuase it can bring together an entire yard.

1. Stimulate your hardscape senses – A waterfall feature pond or fountain can often tie an entire landscape together, though one aspect that few people appreciate is their sound. Sometimes the splashing sounds from a soft streaming water can offer a relaxing ambiance often taken for granted. These types of hardscapes are probably the most rarely used, but add the most beauty to your landscape.

2. Rockwalls and large boulders – Boulders and rockwalls are great both visually and functionally. From a visual standpoint, no other type of hardscape is more as the dry stone rockwall. Used correctly, it can add pleasantness to a garden by making it seem like your private sanctuary.

3. Other Hardscape Ideas – While fences and waterfalls are more permanent solutions, temporary items like old rustic wagons and benches also can be attractive in some cases. A good way to provide the items you use is to consider the design of your home and keep the theme consistent.

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