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Celebrating Four Decades Of Beautifying Cincinnati Homes

Mark and Gregg Tepe early 1985.

We have a dedicated professional team and are confident we will serve you in a manner that will exceed your expectations. It’s an attitude that starts with our owners and transcends to our field crews, office personnel, and managers. When Mark and Gregg Tepe founded their company in 1980, they knew two things: quality landscapes, and superior customer service.

These are still our guiding philosophies today. Even as landscape trends change and we employ new styles, we still service our clients the old-fashioned way – with personal attention. Our wide range of services include landscape design, landscape maintenance, lawn sprinkler installation and service, landscape lighting, natural stone and paver patios and walkways. We use a variety of high-quality plant material that is well suited for the typical greater Cincinnati climate.

Not only can we help you coordinate and contract your other projects, such as swimming pools, decks, and gazebos, we will work closely with your contractor to assure that your project turns out just as you expect. Our goal is to partner with you and develop a long-term relationship. Collectively we have over 100 years of professional experience in the landscape industry as well as four full-time landscape designers on staff. We combine the science of landscape and the art of design by taking into consideration the architecture of your home, the topography of the surrounding properties, and your personal preferences.

Awards and Recognition

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Angie Easton
Angie Easton
02:52 14 Jan 22
The work was done quickly and professionally without material or construction delays. The finished product is just what we were looking for.
christopher nietch
christopher nietch
00:18 06 Oct 21
Mark and design team folks worked with us on a rustic patio/firepit area added to a previously unusable forested hillside in Columbia Tusculum. The project included an elaborate stone step pathway, drainage considerations, erosion control, and construction of a railroad tie retaining/sitting wall with a good bit of strategic boulder placements. Gary and Fonzi did the bulk of the work. The communication throughout the effort was remarkable. We can't say enough about how great everyone was to work with or how happy we are with the results. We can't wait to work with them on other landscaping maintenance and property enhancement projects that we have in mind in the future.Thanks for all the hard work and extra attention to complicated details related to hillside drainage and the like, we really appreciate it: Highly Recommend!read more
Tracy Herrmann
Tracy Herrmann
14:13 18 Sep 21
We love the stamped concrete patio and landscaping that Tepe designed and installed for us. David Kuchenbuch's creative design and grading were just what we needed for our space. The landscaping, concrete, and stonework are incredible and we are thrilled with the final result.read more
02:58 14 Aug 21
I had been exploring options for a self-installed irrigation system in my back yard to deal with extremely dry soil in the summer months. By complete coincidence, I happened to see one of Tepe's trucks at a gas station near my house and snapped a picture of the truck as a reminder to get a professional estimate at some point. I reached out to Tepe a few weeks later and submitted my info through their website. Gerry responded within a day or so and we set up a time for a on-site estimate at my house the following week. When Gerry came to our house for the estimate, he took time to answer all my questions and discuss how the system should be laid out based on what I wanted to accomplish, how they would connect to the existing utilities (water/electric), and how they could set up the system to allow future flexibility and expansion.After some back and forth over email to revise the quote and answer some more questions, the project scope was finalized. The overall cost was higher than I expected, but I have no experience with these systems and don't know if their cost is higher, lower, or in line with other companies that offer this type of service. Even though the components (pipe, sprinkler heads, valves) themselves aren't really that expensive, there is a significant amount of labor to install them and there is also value in the expertise of knowing how to properly integrate them properly.I should also note that a significant portion of the cost was related to what I consider to be the one-time equipment costs (utility tie-ins, backflow preventer, controller, main valves). In the future when I expand the system, I will only need to pay for the additional pipes, sprinkler heads, and labor. I was able to reduce the cost somewhat by running the water line and electric myself for them to tie into. However, if the homeowner isn't comfortable doing this type of work, they offer a turn-key service to tie into to your existing utilities as part of the install.Perhaps I should have gotten a few more estimates, but in the end I felt confident working with Tepe because of their consistent responsiveness, flexibility in working with me on the cost, and their commitment to have the system installed before the driest part of the summer.On the day of the install, a crew of three showed up on time and walked me through what they were going to do (and where) before they started. They were careful not to damage any of the existing landscape/flowers even through that required some careful manual digging to place the water lines. They were able to run the trenches in such a way as to minimize damage to the lawn and they took time to re-seed any areas that had been disturbed by their equipment. Before they left, the crew spent at least 45 min explaining the system, answering my questions, and showing me how to program the controller. When they left, I felt confident that I understood the system, how it worked, where the major components were located, and how to adjust the programming if needed. In addition, the job site was completely raked and cleaned before they left - it was almost as if they were never there.About a week after the install, I noticed that there was a low spot in the lawn where they had installed a T junction in the underground lines. This area stayed consistently wet and muddy. I called Tepe, explained the issue I was having, and they scheduled a service call to have someone come out a few days later to check it out. One of their installers came out, assessed the issue by digging up a small section of lawn to ensure there wasn't a leaky fitting underground, and then leveled the low spot and reseeded the area. I was impressed by the immediate response for the service call (at no charge) and the professionalism with which they addressed the issue on my very small system. I assume that I am one of their smaller customers based on our system size, but they've never given me any inclination whatsoever that it is any less of a priority to them than their larger/commercial clients.read more
Julie Fleming
Julie Fleming
16:47 27 Jul 21
Jeremy was very knowledgeable, professional & kind. He came today to repair my landscape lighting. I greatly appreciate his expertise & kindness. Thank you Tepe for sending one of your best my way!read more
Bob Krumdieck
Bob Krumdieck
00:48 25 Jun 21
Tepe Landscape exceeded our expectations and turned our ordinary landscaping into a beautiful extension of our pool and patio. The entire yard and all the gardens look great. The crew was on time and did a great job. Tepe removed all the trimmings and swept the street where they parked the truck.read more
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