Cincinnati Lawn Sprinkler

Cincinnati Lawn Sprinkler Specialists

Tepe Landscaping is a premier landscape company in Cincinnati, OH that installs and services lawn sprinkler systems. A professionally designed and installed irrigation system can beautify your property. A lawn sprinkler system from Tepe Landscaping requires minimum maintenance and will result in greener grass and healthy plants. Our expert design and installation staff have over 30 years of experience in the irrigation industry along with continued education to stay current on materials and efficient standards of Irrigation design.


We design, install and maintain your lawn sprinkler year round.

We can service any pre-existing irrigation system and if needed we can add to your existing system. Some yards may need more sprinklers than others depending on the overall size of the landscape, grade and yard. We automate your lawn sprinkler system to come on early in the morning so your plants, trees, and grass have less evaporation and more time to soak in the water.

Benefits of Professional Lawn Sprinkler

  • Install a sprinkler system to help keep your lawn and landscape attractive throughout the season.
  • A lawn sprinkler system will help to conserve water. Your system will disperse just the right amount of water on your specified lawn and garden areas.
  • A professionally installed lawn sprinkler is one of the best investments that you can add to your home’s value.

What makes us different?

  • 30 years of Irrigation design, installations, and repair.
  • Many years experience in both commercial and residential systems.
  • All systems are designed to save water and money.
  • All technicians are Certified Irrigation Specialists.