Annual Agreement

Cincinnati Lawn Sprinkler Service Agreement

We offer a yearly service agreement to manage your lawn sprinkler system. This service is a yearly one time charge to have a certified technician properly maintain your system all year around.

Spring Activation

Our Service Agreement customers are scheduled first for Spring Activations being completed by May 23rd. Our certified technicians activate water supply, inspect system for leaks and advice if repairs are necessary. We also test all of your automatic valves and controllers for proper operation. We adjust all sprinkler heads to insure proper operation. We will contact you to schedule activation when it’s convenient for you!

Mid-Summer Service Check-up

Our team inspects and tests the system for proper operation. We make seasonal adjustments to controller as needed to save water. Our technicians test your rain sensor and re-adjust all sprinkler heads as necessary. Mid-summer visits are designed to keep system operating at optimum efficiency.

Fall Winterizing

We eliminate costly repairs in the springtime by having your lawn sprinkler system properly winterized this fall by Tepe Landscaping.

All sprinkler system parts are tested twice prior to shut down. We turn off water supply to your sprinkler system, open all drains, and blow out system with compressed air, remove suctions lines from ponds or lakes where applicable. Our certified technicians remove the battery from controller and disconnect power supply from controller. This visit is made during October – November.

Benefits of Annual Service Agreement

  • Priority scheduling & same day Emergency Service from a team in business for 34 years with 185 years of years’ experience.
  • Trained Professionals who know your system and have all history and service details.
  • Water Savings by maintaining an efficient system.
  • Free visit to locate lines prior to yard work or digging.