Increasing your Home’s Value By Selecting The Right Landscape Contactor

For homeowners interested in increasing the value of their property, landscape improvements are an excellent means for adding both beauty and worth to your home. In fact, according to the Wall Street Journal Magazine of Personal Business article entitled “Fertile Ground” by spending just 5% of your home’s value on improving your landscape a typical homeowner can expect a return between 8-15% or higher on investment. To maximize this investment and the future enjoyment of your property, selecting a qualified and professional landscape contractor is the most important decision you will make when deciding to landscape your home.

1. What are landscape improvements?

Landscape improvements are those things that add “curb appeal” to your home and include both “softscape” and “hardscape” elements.

Softscape – refers to plant material, including evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs, ground-covers, and perennials. A well-designed landscape has a choreography of plants that blends together different specimens and varieties in varying quantities based on colors textures and growth habits.

Hardscape – includes (but is not limited to) natural stone accent walls, brick paver walkways, overhead garden structures (trellis’ or gazebos), and fountains. Additional considerations include outdoor lighting to brighten and accent your evening landscape and irrigation systems to help maintain health planting and lust lawns.

2. How do I select a Landscape Company?

Once you have decided to invest in landscape improvements, the most critical step will be in locating a landscape company capable to meeting your needs. Your best bet will to hire a design build landscape company. Design build companies are able to handle all phases of your project, from concept and design through actually installation. Because these “one-source” companies have both professional designers and labor crews on staff, communication is enhanced and installations are seamless.

In selecting a contractor, it is a good idea to ask for references and even for specific addresses if installed jobs in which you can see first the quality of a company’s works. It is also a good idea to talk to friends and neighbors for referrals. And lastly, once you have selected a company, it is helpful to create a checklist that includes everything that you would like to have done. Not only does this list give you added control over the project but it actually helps the designers to produces a design that is particular to your needs.

Deciding to install a new landscape can be daunting…5% of your home’s value is, after all, no small investment. And if he images of sitting on a wrought iron bench amongst the butterflies in your new garden, sipping lemonade and admiring the beauty of the new landscape, isn’t enough to calm your nerves, simply remember back to that magical 8-15% number cited in the Wall Street Journal!

Remember, Tepe Landscaping can help you with you project. Be sure to contact us at anytime you have questions or need help with a new landscape design for your home and business.

  1. It is interesting for me to learn the difference between softscape and hardscape landscaping. I did not realize that softscape refers to plant material and hardscape refers to fountains and gazebos. I want to put a gazebo in my backyard. I can now let them know that I need hardscaping done in my yard.

  2. I think selecting a landscape company can be confusing if you do not already know what you want. I think that it is important to create a plan before you do the hard landscaping. I agree that asking for references is really important in selecting a landscape company.

  3. I think that it is important to update your landscaping often. It can really increase the value of your home. I think plants are a large part of landscaping.

  4. Thank you for the help. My wife and I are looking for a good landscaping service to help us with our yard. I like the idea of making a checklist of our goals for the yard. Should the landscaper be able to help us determine if the goals are realistic or not?

  5. In your article, you suggested that design-build companies are able to handle all phases of your project, from concept and design through actual installation. My wife has been wanting to add some landscaping features to our yard but doesn’t know what type of features would be most beneficial. I wonder if there are landscaping features that are only effective in certain types of landscapes and climates.

    • Yes of course Derek McDoogle, there are things that would work best in certain types of climates and terrain. When I am drawing plans up and going over the wants and needs of my clients I always lead them in the corret direction of plants,trees,mosses,even water will be different and react different to different terrain and climate. Dirt is also different and can affect things negatively and or positively.

  6. Thanks for this article! I definitely agree with this! Hiring the right landscape contractor will make your home more attractive plus it increases your home value. Asking references is really important when choosing a landscape contractor.

  7. This actually makes a lot of sense. Now it’ll be easier for me to find ideal landscape services this time.

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  10. Having the right landscaper can completely alter the way a home looks in the best way! Great info!

  11. Thanks for the advice to create a checklist of things you would like to have done for your landscaping project before working with a contractor. I want to install a walkway, a fire pit, and work on my garden area in my backyard. I’ll be sure to make a list of everything I want to do as I search out a contractor I can work with to fully realize my vision for my landscape.

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  13. My husband and I are going on a month long vacation this summer and I want our yard to stay in great shape while we are gone, so I am thinking of hiring a landscaping company to help. You make a great point that a landscaper can help to increase your curb appeal and increase your home’s value! Also, I will make sure to ask for references from the landscaper I am thinking of hiring because this will show if they provide great customer service and quality work.

  14. You made a good point in hiring a design-build landscape company to make sure that you picked a well-rounded professional in conceptualizing, customizing, as well as picking the right materials and perform the right method in building a landscape for your home. My newly-built house is halfway through the building process and one of the things that I’m looking forward here is to have a breathtaking landscape for my guests to see. Hiring a professional landscaper should do the trick in making sure that my preferred design comes to life while making the necessary adjustments to it when needed.

  15. Thank you for suggesting that you should ask around for references. I want to hire a landscaper. Hopefully, I can find the right one for my yard.

  16. Thanks for sharing such an important information with us. Selecting a qualified and professional landscape contractor is the most important decision you will make when deciding to landscape your home. We will keep in mind all these point before choosing landscape contractor for our home.

  17. Just like my mom, I also want to start some hardscaping improvements in my garden. She’s been influencing and inspiring me in making our landscape as lovely as it wasn’t before. Once we start our renovation, I will include having fountains and stone accent walls.

  18. I appreciate that you mentioned to find a landscape company that will meet your needs. That said, I hadn’t considered that it could be good to ask for references of some past clients to see the quality of their work. This seems very helpful especially if you want to know if you’ll be satisfied with the results.

  19. I have enjoyed reading this report about wonderful landscaping work. Really it is more useful and also helpful. I am very glad to go through this kind of informative article. Thanks for sharing a nice blog.

  20. My parents are planning to sell our home and moved into an apartment near ours. It was explained here that landscape improvements can help increase the value of our home. Furthermore, it’s advisable to hire professionals to landscape when considering selling a home.

  21. I have always wanted to add a firepit to our backyard with a walkway leading from the porch to the firepit. My husband and I decided that we are going to add this to our backyard this summer and we need to find a quality landscaper to handle the project. You make a great point that you should look for a company that will provide references so that I can talk to previous clients and find out if they were satisfied with the quality and price of their services.

  22. Thanks for helping us learn more about the types of landscape that are usually done such as the softscape and the hardscape. As we have the plan to remodel our lawn due to the most recent typhoon that hit us, I think both types will be done to our lawn as we’re not only concerned with the shrubs and ground-covers but also with the garden structures. Since the need is urgent and we want to restore our lawn as soon as possible, we will hire the service of those who can renovate our lawn quickly.

  23. Thank you for pointing out that softscape is going to be things like plant material. My husband and I don’t know anything about landscaping so we are wanting to hire a contractor to come and get our backyard looking beautiful. I’ll have to do some research and find the best landscape contractor in my area.

  24. I appreciate how you mentioned that irrigation systems can help maintain healthy planting and beautiful lawns. My husband and I are thinking about remodeling our dry, barren backyard so that it can be a beautiful place for guests to relax and for our kids to play. We’ll have to find a landscaping company that can help us install an irrigation system that will help our grass and plants grow into a bright, beautiful backyard garden.

  25. I really like your tips on getting your landscape done. My husband and I are wanting to hire a landscaper. I’ll have to do some research and find the best one in my area.

  26. Thanks for sharing this blog.

  27. It’s good to know more about hiring a landscape company. I love how you said that it’s good to find a company that meets your needs. My wife and I will have to sit down and figure out what our needs are, and then we’ll hire a good pro!

  28. I’m interested in improving the value of my property. I suppose I should have a landscaping service come over and ask for references that they have. Thanks for adding that they’ll make the installation process seamless for me, so I know that they’ll really come in handy when I get started on my project.

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