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Landscape Lighting Cincinnati, Ohio

With a better quality of light, 75% energy savings, and simple maintenance, it’s a wonder anyone is using anything but LED lights. It’s also a wonder that in this day and age, people are still not properly lighting the exteriors of their homes, making them targets for burglars and thieves. We can help you solve these two problems by buying your old outdoor system and providing a free LED consultation with one of our skilled lighting designers.

Enhance Your Investment

Tepe Lighting Services’ most important concern is the enhancement of your home’s best features. A house is an investment, and when you make your home more beautiful, more functional, and safer, you are only adding value to your investment. With pure, natural white lighting, without the typical blue halo of other LED systems, we can highlight your home’s assets. Proper exterior lighting will allow you to enjoy your property every hour of the day and night, accent its best features, and keep it safe from thieves. Plus, with bulbs that don’t need changing, these systems are simple to maintain.

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Safer and More Secure

Few neighborhoods are safe from crime anymore, but a major deterrent to even the most seasoned burglar is a well-lit yard. Tepe Lighting can bring more security to your yard, and allow you to enjoy it even after the sun has gone down.

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LED Energy Efficiency

The Tepe Lighting Team’s LED lights use less energy than their traditional counterparts, up to 75% less, cutting your energy bills by three quarters! While the initial purchasing cost of these lights may seem more expensive, they pay for themselves many times over before they eventually, years and years from now, burn out.

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Increase Real Estate Value

A great outdoor lighting system installed by Tepe Lighting is an economical way to enhance your property value. Not only does it provide the added feature of security, it highlights your landscape’s best features. Up-lighting can enhance tall trees and other well-established plants, which are great for your land’s value.

Recieve a FREE LED Lighting Consultation from one of our Professional Designers.

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Outdoor System Buying Program

New LED outdoor lighting systems are more economical and easier to maintain than incandescent versions. This is why we will buy your old system and replace it with an eco-friendly LED system. When comparing the two systems, LED fixtures consume 75% less energy than incandescent lights of similar wattage. Using our system buying program, you can mitigate the initial costs of putting in an LED system, and then reap the benefits of LEDs. Stop replacing bulbs and worrying about overheating, call us for a free consultation today!

15 Year Warranty for LED Systems

We test every fixture that we install to ensure it is performing properly. All of our new Kichler Design Pro LED fixtures have an unprecedented 15 year warranty, meaning you can enjoy the system without the worry.

Free Consultation

You don’t have to jump into your new system cold. Before you buy, we will send a designer to your yard to help you envision the project and how it will improve the look and utility of your yard. We will determine the focal points of your yard, the highest traffic areas, and your power usage and devise a plan to keep your outdoor living spaces well-lit and useable well after the sun goes down. Just click on the button below and one of our representatives will contact you shortly.