Outdoor lighting in Cincinnati


Outdoor lighting has completely transformed how we look at landscaping. People no longer only consider the type of plants, edging, structures etc… but now also have the option on how that beautifully landscaped home looks during the evening and nighttime hours. Landscape Lighting can be installed and serves many purposes.

Safer and More Secure


A major benefit of Outdoor Lighting is the added safety and security it provides on and around your property. Lighting walkways ensures that your guests and family can easily navigate the area around your home, reducing the risk of falls or other injuries. Zone lighting can be effectively used to illuminate your lawn, patio, deck, pool, garden or any large area to enable the area to be used after dark


A well-lit landscape and yard increases the security around your property for you and your guests. Outdoor lighting increases the feeling of security for your invited guests and well-lit yards are proven to deter trespassing and theft from unwanted guests. If you don’t want your property lit at all times Outdoor lighting with motion detectors or timers can be an effective alternative while ensuring the added benefits of lighting your outdoor areas remains intact.

Comfort and Decor


Outdoor lighting extends your living area to include your beautifully landscaped property even after dusk, enabling you to use any area of your property no matter the time. Outdoor areas, especially outdoor seating, are pleasant and inviting and can greatly improve your property if lit properly.

Outdoor landscape lighting can increase the beauty of your property by turning it into a work of art. Decorative lighting will accent and highlight specific portions of your landscape, drawing the eye to these areas and displaying them attractively.

Installing exterior lighting is a great way to bring your commercial or residential property to the next level, improving the decor, safety, security and comfort of your landscape. Tepe Landscaping is located in the heart of Cincinnati, Ohio. We at Tepe Services are experts in all facets of outdoor lighting and would love to work with you to implement an Outdoor Lighting solution that works for you.

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