Retaining Wall Contractors in Cincinnati

To many people, a retaining wall just looks like simply stacked stones, bricks in a pile, however that is not the case. These type of walls are carefully engineered to wage a battle with gravity and sometimes rain water. They hold tons of soil behind them and sometimes when they are built incorrectly they will be damaged by the weight of the hillside.

What are retaining walls?

Retaining walls are structures designed to restrain soil to unnatural slopes. They are used to bound soils between different elevations often in areas of terrain where the landscape needs to be shaped or designed. For example, you would use a retaining wall if you needed to stop the erosion of a hillside.

Natural stone walls


Stone wall masonry is harder than it appears, the installer has to fit the stone pieces together perfectly and make room for the mortar joints to make the wall look natural. This type of retaining wall often requires years of experience to hit the visual standard that we are all used to.

Common Problems with retaining walls

A common problem that you might see with retaining walls in a residential yards is bulging, cracking or leaning. This problem occurs when the wall has poor water drainage and it wasn’t constructed correctly to handle the hillside’s weight.

The most important consideration in proper design and installation of retaining walls is to recognize and counteract the tendency of the retained material to move down-slope due to gravity.

Why retaining walls are needed in landscapes?

  • Foundations are vulnerable – When you have poor drainage near your home and you notice a lot of moving soil from the hillside then a retaining wall might help defend against that. A retaining wall is a great way to keep sliding soil still.
  • Controlling erosion – A retaining wall works like magic when trying to stop hillside erosion from continuing. It will also help stop the clogging of drains located around your landscape beds.
  • Provide seating – The wall will allow you to site and enjoy your garden and yard. This is an additional benefit of a retaining wall.
  • Landscape Aesthetics – The proper design and installation of a retaining wall will help enhance the look of your entire landscape.

Importance of a Good Retaining Wall Contractor

When looking for a retaining wall installer, it is very important that you search around for the best retaining wall contractors. In Cincinnati, Ohio, specifically in the Hamilton County area, your best choice is Tepe Landscaping.

Tepe Landscaping is an award winning design and build contractor that will carefully listen to your landscape needs. Tepe has been in operation since 1980, our team has earned the reputation of being an honest, quality landscape firm.

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