Tepe Services Published in HouseTrends Magazine Cincinnati- Therapeutic Escape

A privacy fence at the bottom of the hill has the sprinkler system, installed by Tepe Environmental Services, hidden from view on its backside. The sprinkler heads pop up to water the landscape. This leaves Terri free to dig anywhere in the garden without inadvertently damaging sprinkler parts.

Terri also worked with Tepe to design the unique, Japanese-inspired pavilion. There is a fan in the pavilion, and speakers with surround-sound, too.

The statuary is lighted, and lights on pillars have a dimmer for romantic evenings. “It looks like Disney World when you turn the lights all of the way up,” laughs Terri.

This is the most amazing landscape,” acknowledges Meyer. “In spring, there are azaleas. As soon as the weather warms up, she’s got flowers. Her combinations of colors and textures are better than most of the professionally designed gardens I’ve seen.

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Source: HouseTrends Magazine

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