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Full Service Landscaping

With over 34 years of experience in professional landscape design, it’s no wonder why West Chester, Ohio homeowners trust Tepe Landscaping for their creativity and functional expertise. Tepe Landscape & Design is a multiple winner of the Cincinnati Home & Garden Show Best Residential Landscape Design/Build Award. We have also won HOMEARAMA, featured multiple times in House Trends Magazine, and The Enquirer.

West Chester, Ohio Landscape Design Company

A large number of West Chester, Ohio homeowner’s struggle to landscape their homes, but only local professionals like West Chester, OH landscaping company Tepe Landscaping can really transform your property. Plus, we know the area and what styles, plants, and systems will work best for your home, converting it from just another house with a patch of lawn, to the most beautiful property on the block. The best part? You don’t have to do a thing. We take care of it all: design, ground breaking, installation, and maintenance.

Our professional teams of landscapers in West Chester, OH area are highly knowledgeable, they can help you with design, installation, in both hard and soft landscapes. We also handle yearly maintenance to keep your yard looking its best all year round. Your trusted West Chester, Ohio Landscapers will carefully plan your project from concept to completion. After an initial meeting with the client and a comprehensive site analysis, a fully developed landscape design is created. The process will transform your property into your favorite place to spend time.

Outdoor Lighting Design

Many West Chester, Ohio homeowners struggle with setting up outdoor lighting systems at their homes, we at Tepe Landscaping can help you with the lighting design and placement of these fixtures. It very important that you work with a landscaping company that has many years of experience in providing great outdoor lighting services. At Tepe Landscaping, our skilled West Chester, Ohio landscapers can offer lighting recommendations to enhance your home that can help increase you property value. Using our new trusted LED light fixtures, we can help provide a better quality light, 75% energy savings, and a very simple system to maintain.

Your West Chester, Ohio home is an investment, and when you make your home more beautiful, more functional, and safer, you are only adding value to your investment. With pure, natural white lighting, without the typical blue halo of other LED systems, we can highlight your home’s assets. Proper exterior lighting will allow you to enjoy your property every hour of the day and night, accenting its best features, and keeping it safe from thieves.

Lawn Sprinkler Experts

Tepe Landscaping will design and install a complete or partial landscape irrigation system on your West Chester, OH property. Our highly qualified service consultant will develop a detailed plan, providing layout of all sprinklers, valves, and controllers. Our installation teams will carefully and professionally install the system in a timely fashion, providing minimal disruption to your landscape. A beautiful and lush landscaping will be the ultimate reward for your investment.

Adding a lawn sprinkler system to your West Chester, Ohio home can take the worry out of watering, ensuring that the right amount of water is delivered to the right landscape plantings at the right time. Tepe Landscaping offers West Chester, Ohio homeowners a lawn sprinkler maintenance package, which includes winterization, spring turn and a complete system check-up ensuring that all components are functioning properly.